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This past weekend, my husband and I were trying to come up a date idea that didn’t involve eating or drinking. While I’m usually down for these kinds of dates, it seemed like that’s all we had been doing lately.  We both wanted to do something a little more exciting (and less calorie dense lol).  This made me start thinking of other date options that don’t involve eating or drinking so that next time you or I are in this dilemma, we’ll have a great list of active date ideas that we can choose from.  Below is a list of 10 different activities that I thought would be fun.  Some are dependent on the time of year or where you live but I hope you find these helpful!  If you have any more you’d like to add, please leave them below in the comments!

  1. Go on a hike – This is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice.  Obviously this does depend on the weather and your location to a hiking trail but it’s a fun date idea, gets you moving and gets you out in nature.  My husband and I like to make a short day out of it by going early, stopping for coffee & breakfast at Starbucks, and packing a picnic lunch for during the hike.  Don’t forget to research the trail ahead of time to make sure you pack the right clothes and bring enough water.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch – this obviously depends on the season but going to a pumpkin patch is a great way to get out of the house, enjoy the fall weather and buy some pretty gourds!

3. Navigate a corn maze – this idea goes along with the pumpkin patch since most corn mazes are at pumpkin patches.  It’s a great way to get some cardio in and have fun while doing it.  I grew up in Dixon, CA and there was a huge corn maze in town that was always fun to find our way out of.

4. Bike around town – whether you have a bike or not, this is a great way to explore your town.  There are plenty of places to rent bikes if you don’t own one.

5. Hit up the local Farmer’s Market – our town has a ton of Farmer’s Markets throughout the week so it’s easy to find one that fits within our schedule, shop local and buy in season produce.

Midtown Farmer's Market

6. SUP – I love stand up paddle boarding during the summer.  My husband and I drive to the lake, rent a couple paddle boards, and spend the day on the water.  We bring a picnic lunch, drinks and it’s a fun, relaxing day.

7. Check out the local murals – I live in Sacramento, CA and every year for the past couple of years, the city has done an event called Wide Open Walls.  They hire artists to paint murals all around the city.  It’s fun to spend the day checking out new murals.  Check out the local murals in your home town.  You may be surprised at how many there are!

8. Watch the sunset – I love finding new places that are great spots to watch the sun set.  Depending on the time of year and when the sun sets, you can bring a picnic dinner or some champagne and watch the day end with your significant other.

9. Take a ballroom dance class – early on in our dating years, my now husband and I would take a salsa dance class almost every Monday night.  It was a fun date idea that got us to try something new together and simultaneously laugh at ourselves and how bad we were.

10. Go to a museum – If your summers are as hot as they can be here in Sacramento, going to a museum is a great way to beat the heat.  There are some great museums around and very air conditioned.


11.  Ice skate.  I thought I would throw in a bonus date night idea and suggest ice skating!  I’m horrible at ice skating so I’m not always up for the challenge but it is fun to go every now and again.

Ice skating with my husband

I hope these ideas helped you come up with something on your next date night!  If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.



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  1. Me and my fiancé have the same problem sometimes trying to find dates that don’t involve going out to dinner lol. One of our favorites is a trip to the bookstore! Definitely going to suggest some of these soon 🙂

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