Spend a Day in Sacramento

As California’s capitol, Sacramento often gets a bad rap for being boring.  Having lived here for many years, I find it anything but boring so I thought I’d share some ideas for you to do if you’re visiting Sacramento.  Since there are different events on different days, here’s what a typical Saturday may look like.

First, start your morning off with a coffee (or tea if you prefer).  My favorite local coffee shop is Temple Coffee Roasters and I’d recommend going to the one on 22nd and K Street for an Instagram worthy picture.  Their floors are made from hundreds of pennies (and a few dimes) and the style of the store is definitely something you have to see in person.  Opt for their cold brew to keep you energized throughout the day and to keep you cool during the hot summer months.

Next, head to the Midtown Farmer’s Market on 20th Street, just a short walk from Temple.  Here you can buy local produce, crafts and food from a variety of vendors.  The market is open from 8am-1pm so you have a lot of time to wander the streets and taste local produce & food.

Midtown Farmer's Market

Next stop: BRUNCH!  If you didn’t eat brunch at the Farmer’s Market, there a ton of restaurants nearby that serve delicious brunch food.  My personal favorite is Fox and Goose, a local English pub.  You can get a typical English breakfast or choose from a variety of omelets, pancakes and other breakfast food.  There tends to be a wait but you get complimentary coffee while you wait and if you’re feeling up to it, you can also order drinks from the bar to make the time pass quicker.

Since this is the capitol of California, a day in Sacramento wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the Capitol Building.  The tours are free and you can find the hours they’re open here.  Even if you’re not that interested in museums, it’ll give you some much needed A/C relief from the hot days!  I’d also recommend walking the block of the Capitol Building to see the rose garden and a few other memorials.

If you like graffiti art, you’ll love Wide Open Walls.  Last year Sacramento partnered with various local and non local artists to spray paint areas of downtown & midtown Sacramento and they’re doing it again this year.  You can check out a map here to see where each mural is located and see them for yourself!

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a relaxing day with some wine, head on down to the Old Sugar Mill, which is open from 11-5pm every day.  This complex is just 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento and features over 13 wineries and picnic grounds.

If you don’t want to drink wine, you can head over to the river and do one of many water activities.  You can rent Stand Up Paddle Boards and test your balance or float down the river on an inner tube.  Whatever you decide, remember to bring/rent life jackets.  There have already been 2 people drown this year which is 2 too many.

Now that the evening is approaching, food is probably on your mind.  Lucky for you, there are more options than you’d probably like!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Mikuni – if you’re looking for sushi, this is always a good place to go!
Zocalo – a great Mexican restaurant if you’re looking for a big meal, delicious drinks and a cool atmosphere.
Firestone – a sports bar that has casual American food and a good selection of beer.
Pizza Rock – a great pizza place in the heart of downtown.
Burgers & Brew – a burger and beer place, need I say more?  They also recently opened a new 3 story restaurant in Midtown Sacramento that features a rooftop bar.

With the evening coming to an end, I can’t help but think there are 2 types of people: those that want a relaxing night to their day and those that don’t want the party to end.  If you’re the latter, I’d suggest checking out the Downtown/Midtown area as there are a bunch of bars and clubs that will help you keep the party going.  If you’re the former and aren’t ready to go home yet, I’d suggest checking out the West Wind Drive-In for a late night movie.   I love going to these during the summer since it’s still warm out during the night.

I hope you use some of these ideas and enjoy your stay in Sacramento!



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