Why You Should Use Protein Powder

Hey friends!  I hope your fall is off to a great start!  I know it’s hard to stay in shape with the cooler weather but this is a great chance to start getting the body you want for summer.  One of the foods I started eating a lot more of when I started working out was protein powder and I want to share why that is.

Let me preface this by saying that protein powder is not necessary to see results.  You may choose not to use it for various reasons but here are a few reasons why I use it and why I love it!

  1. It’s high in protein, DUH.  Okay, okay, I’m sure you already know this but let me explain.  When you’re trying to lose fat and/or gain muscle, protein is necessary.  If your protein intake is low when you’re losing weight, you will also lose muscle.  You definitely don’t want to lose all that muscle you worked so hard to put on and this will help you keep much more of it.  Also, in order to gain muscle, you need a sufficient amount of protein.  That being said, protein powder is a great way to increase your protein relatively easily.
  2. It’s convenient.  Going off of reason number 1, protein powder is easy to add into a lot of recipes to increase your protein intake.  You don’t need to drink it plain which can get pretty boring.  Instead, add it into your oatmeal, cereal, smoothies or even Greek yogurt.
  3. It’s relatively cheap.  There are hundreds of brands protein powders on the market, so finding one in your price range shouldn’t be difficult.  Depending on the kind you get, they can be $.50-$1+ a serving.  Compare this to the price you’d pay for meat or other protein sources and it’s generally cheaper.
  4. It keeps you full.  Just like any other source of protein, it helps keep you fuller longer.  This is great when you’re looking to lose or maintain your weight since you’ll be less likely to grab an unhealthy snack.
  5. It tastes delicious.  I love protein powder because there are so many flavors and they make everything taste DELICIOUS!  My favorite is obviously chocolate but you can find a flavor of almost anything.  It’s a great way to add in protein and have a chocolate-y, peanut butter-y, cinnamon roll-y, or whatever flavor your heart desires treat!

My favorite brands are PEScience and Unico Nutrition.  If you’re looking to try Unico, use my code LAURA for 15% off and free shipping over $50. 🙂



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