You Can Never Have Enough Coffee – My Top Coffee Shops in Sacramento

One of the many reasons I love living in Sacramento is all of the cute little coffee shops around town.  From a Mexican mocha to a cappuccino to a honey-sweetened tea, there’s something for everyone.  Below is a list of my favorite spots and a little about them.

1. Temple Coffee
To start off, let’s get my favorite coffee shop out of the way.  I first went to Temple after I heard about their new location opening on 22nd and K.  The draw for me was actually not to try their coffee but to check out the floor which was supposed to be made entirely out all pennies (and a few dimes).   Needless to say, the floor did not disappoint and neither did the coffee.  Before venturing out of my comfort zone of Starbucks, I had no idea that coffee could taste that amazing and actually taste good without all that sugar!  I ordered my go-to cappuccino and was unexpectedly surprised to find it was smaller than I expected.  I soon found out that many of their drinks are one size which was also a new concept to me.  However, my dissatisfaction with the size soon went away once I took my first sip and the smooth, rich taste hit the back of my mouth.   I’ve been back multiple times since then and have tried the Mexican mocha, latte, iced coffee and cold brew; all of which did not disappoint.  Next on the list: the Gibraltar!  If you’re in town, this is definitely somewhere you should check out.  If not for the coffee, at least for the cool penny floor and the relaxing atmosphere. 😉

Also, I don’t want to forget about the baristas.  They are always friendly and smiling and in a good mood.  They answer all my questions such as, “What is a Gibraltar?” and “Can I get this iced?” like they haven’t been asked that already 20 times a day.  They always seem to enjoy their job and it’s just another reason this coffee shop is number one on my list!  If you go on the weekend, make sure to get there early as it fills up pretty quickly.

2. The Mill
Upon realizing that coffee could taste so much better than Starbucks, I began a mission to discover new places to get my daily fix of caffeine.  Luckily for me, I had a coworker who also shared my love of coffee and adventure which led us to the next place on the list: The Mill.  We had read some good reviews on Yelp and since it was fairly close to work, we set out.  The coffee shop was quaint and inviting and the gentleman at the counter was friendly.  I ordered an almond macadamia cappuccino (of course) and was delighted to find out that they use Temple coffee!  Although this coffee was sweeter than I typically get it was certainly one I would get again and had a great nutty flavor.  The Mill also serves waffles and since I didn’t get one the first time I was there, I obviously have to go back to try one! 🙂

3. Naked Lounge
Next up on the list is my coworker’s favorite: Naked Lounge.  It offers rich, potent coffee and is conveniently located within 2 blocks of work.  It’s even closer than the nearest Starbucks if you can believe that!  If you’re looking for a place to get some strong and delicious coffee, this is it!  The Kerouac will have you bouncing off the walls and wide awake on those dreaded Monday mornings.  My personal favorite (which actually isn’t coffee) is the Bowl of Soul.  This delicious concoction is chamomile tea steeped in soy milk, sweetened with honey and topped with chocolate.  This is definitely something you need to try even if you’re not a fan of tea.  For my coffee drink of choice, I go for the cappuccino (do you see a pattern here?) and my coworker sticks with the Vietnamese.

This coffee place isn’t just for during the day.  They have live music multiple days a week after 8pm so be sure to check out their calendar.  And if coffee after 8 is too late for you, don’t worry they serve beer and cider too!

4. Old Soul
Last but not least, we have Old Soul.  I’ve been here a handful of times and I’d have to say my favorite drink here is the cider! Butttt since I’m trying to stick with talking about coffee, their cappuccino never fails me.  The atmosphere is inviting and you can find a lot of customers reading or studying while sipping a cup o’ coffee.  They also serve food and it’s typically pretty packed on the weekends so come early.  I can’t attest to the food as I’ve never had it but it always smells delicious and if it’s as good as their coffee, you won’t be let down!

So there you have it friends, my favorite coffee places in Sacramento.  I hope you enjoyed reading about them and maybe a few of your favorites were in there too!  Now go out and drink some coffee!!




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